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Bringing Puppy Home

You have finally made it through the long eight week wait to bring your new miniature poodle, cockapoo, cavapoo, cocker spaniel or golden doodle puppy home.  What do you need to purchase prior to this exciting day?  We know exactly what you need!

Puppy Products: Welcome

What we love 

If purchasing your new puppy's essential items from Amazon, we would greatly appreciate it if you purchased them using our affiliate links below. This is at no additional cost to you, but it helps our program greatly!

Thank you again for trusting us with your new family member.

Midwest iCrate.jpg
Midwest Dog Bowls.jpg
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Bully Sticks.jpg
dog bed.jpg
dog bed.jpg
Puppy Products: Products
Puppy Products: Products
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Dog Rocks.jpg
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Puppy Products: Products
Puppy Products: Products
Puppy Products: Products
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