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At Red Stick Kennels we take extra care in selecting for quality and temperament in our poodle, golden doodle, cocker spaniel, cockapoo, and cavapoo puppy parents.  All of our parent dogs are health tested either through Paw Print Genetics, Embark, or both.  Genetic testing our parent dogs allows us to use the best breeding practices for the health and longevity of the pet you adopt.

Parent Dogs: Welcome
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Cocker Spaniel

Fable is a 23  lb. Black/Tan AKC Cocker Spaniel

Saint is a 25 lb Brown Tri-Color AKC Cocker Spaniel

Health Tested Parents


Annie is a 12  lb. Red F1 Cavapoo

Tabasco is an 10 lbs Red Miniature Poodle

Health Tested Parents

Miniature Goldendoodle

Magnolia is a 38 lb F1 Cream Medium Goldendoodle

Bruno is a 10 lb Apricot Miniature Poodle

Health Tested Parents

Standard Poodle

Lady is a 50 lb Merle (Grey/Black) AKC Standard Poodle

Roux is a 55 lb Red/White Parti AKC Standard Poodle

Health Tested Parents


Etta is a 20 lb Black Cocker Spaniel

Bruno is an 11 lb Apricot Miniature Poodle

Health Tested Parents

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